Emergency Substitute Teacher Plans

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This purchase includes printables to help make planning for a sub much easier. Each activity was designed and created by me and features Thistlegirl Designs clipart.


Activities Designed to Create Your Sub Binder
(ideal for grades 2nd - 5th)
Teacher Guide


STORY MAP ILLUSTRATION The students complete a story map (character, setting, problem and solution) using pictures.

STORY MAP WRITING The students complete a story map (character, setting, problem and solution) by writing about each of the elements.

BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND END The students write about what happened in each part of the story and then illustrate their writing.

GENERATING QUESTIONS The students write both “right there” and “think and search” questions about the text.

DESIGN A NEW BOOK COVER The students design a cover for the book based on the story.

CHARACTER SKETCH The students select a character from the story to illustrate. They then record character traits that describe him/her based on the text.

CARTOON RETELLING The students create a cartoon and write speech bubbles to retell the story.

THE SETTING The students illustrate the setting of the story and write a paragraph to describe it.

DEAR DIARY The students pretend to be a character from the story and compose a journal entry from that character’s point of view.


WHERE’S THE TEACHER The students write and illustrate a paragraph about where they think the teacher is.

LAST NIGHT The students write and illustrate a paragraph about something that happened the night before.

DEAR TEACHER The students write a letter to the teacher explaining what happened while he/she was out of the classroom.

IT’S SHOWTIME The students write about a movie-watching experience.

GUESS MY OBJECT The students write a descriptive paragraph about an object in the classroom.


WORD DETECTIVE The students hunt through their story from the reading activities to find nouns. They then sort them into people, places and things.

17. WORD PYRAMIDS Students start with a single letter. Below that they write a two letter word that begins with that letter. Below that they write a three letter word that starts with the same letter that the two letter word ended with. This continues until they can no longer think of any words. They then begin a new pyramid.

18. VERBS Students brainstorm a list of verbs and then choose eight of them to illustrate.

LOOK WHAT I FOUND Students list ten objects in the classroom. They then brainstorm a collection of adjectives that describe each object. Next, they write a sentence using that object and circle the verb.

COMPOUND CARTOONS Students list compound words. They then select 10 words to illustrate.


NUMBER OF THE DAY The students write equations for the “number of the day” (which can be any number you select). This activity is open-ended and can be done with any operation.

NUMBER OF THE DAY ACTIVITIES The students use the “number of the day” (which can be any number you select) to practice important concepts such as even/odd, tallies, money, and more.

BUILD A NUMBER Students roll a die three times and record the numbers. They then use those three numerals to create the largest and smallest three-digit number possible. The activity culminates with them writing some of the numbers in sequential order.

SEVEN SNAKES - BASIC FACT PRACTICE Students practice basic math facts with the fun activity. It can be played alone or with a partner. There are two games per page.

SCRABBLE MATH The students try to create words that have the greatest point value using Scrabble tiles.